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Bike Fit Services


Please give us a call at 907-336-0383 to schedule your fit

Road, MTB, CX, and Fat Bike Fit - $200

  Basic Fit Service Includes:  

  • Interview process

  • Biomechanics on floor 

  • Biomechanics on bike

  • Knee alignment observations

  • Pedal ankling observations

  • Hip, shoulder, knee, pelvis angles - All achieved to increase performance and comfort, preventing or minimizes potential injuries.

  • Includes ALL previously listed ASSESSMENTS

  • Foot observations via FootBalance: as needed

TT/Tri Bike Fit - $250

Includes Basic Fit Services including AERO-BARS Pursuit bar, aero-bar poles and aero-bar pads with fore, aft, and height and recording measurements.


Bike Fit for Custom Built Bike - $300

Includes measurements/recordings from body and existing bike (or size cycle) and is not limited to requirements requested from custom bike brand. 

Cleat Assessment - $70

Foot placement on pedal (knee angle) 

Handlebar Assessment - $70

                     Fore, aft and height (shoulder angle) 

Saddle Assessment - $70

Fore, aft and angle of nose (pelvic tilt)

Fit Measurement Recording - $70
Consultations and Coaching- $70
Prices start at $100/hour
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